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Raney Day Photography


Jessica Raney

Photographer & Owner




Hi I’m Jessica or like my Grandpa would to call me, Jessie!
I’m a Family and Wedding Photographer based in Seattle, WA!

I’m obsessed with my family, animals, fruit and veggies, adventures, laughing and believing in EVERYONE’S dreams. You need someone to have your back, push you forward, be your biggest fan, that’s me!!

As awarded one of the Top 5 Best of Western WA Wedding Photographers and my work has been used for many publications and advertisement.

I began Photography while in college at Seattle Pacific University. My major was in Art and Education. I’ll throw some truth at you, my Professor told me if I stopped goofing off in class, I could really succeed at photography. I rolled my eyes and continued Facebooking. Clearly he was crazy!

I continued with getting my Masters in Education and was an educator for the next 5 years. I almost started a PhD program in education before life took a fast, sharp and beautiful turn!

My experience in education is applied in my abilities to organize and lead wedding photography and make sure you’re getting everything you desire from the moment you get ready to when you drive away to your new wonderful life.

I would be HONORED to meet you and talk about your wedding, 
your family, and hear about your dreams!