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Wedding Favors: Keep Guests Cool With Fans

What a start to summer in the NW this year! Being the true northwesterners that we are, we don't need/have air conditioning... but that doesn't mean we're not trying out all sorts of methods to stay cool.  While placing ice in front of a fan (one of our favorite DIY AC tricks!) works for at home, ascetically would pull away attention from all your intentional wedding decor.  So we've rounded up a pretty and practical wedding favor that will have your guests fanning themselves with delight.  We're talking about the hand-held fans awaiting each guest at their seat. 

There are so many different types of fans available today to capture every couples tastes from DIY to custom. We've rounded up four of our favorite hand fans from Etsy so you can be sure to keep your guests cool and happy from the get-go!


wedding fans

Photographs: 1. Mod Party; 2. Urban Elements Design; 3. Little Things Favor; 4. Events by ICandy


  1. Glam-Fan: Personalized Wedding Paper Fans from Mod Party featuring the couples initials and wedding date in gold foil along a fans edge.  We're especially loving the gold polka-dot style!
  2. Palms at the Beach: These Palm Leaf Fans from Urban Elements Design feature coordinating ribbon, starfish and custom tags-perfect for your seaside wedding! Not only will keep your guests cool but are a fun and unique way to display your wedding program, place cards and more.
  3. Sweet Scents: Lightweight sandalwood fans, from Urban Elements Design, feature intricate carvings and are made from sandalwood, which is known for its uniquely fragrant, sweet scent.  
  4. Read, Fan, Cheer: Guests will not only be applauding your nuptials, they'll be thankful for these Program Fans from Events By I Candy.  We love wedding paper goods that do double duty.