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Get Inspired: Melting Heart

The countdown is on for Monday's lovefest. That's right folks, only four more days separate you from Valentine's Day! Are your reservations made? Do you have that perfect gift selected? If you are like us, and need just a little bit of inspiration this year, here is a board sure to get you in the mood for love. And if you are in the Seattle area, and still on the hunt for the perfect V-Day activity, be sure to check out our Valentine's Day in Seattle section for plenty of great ideas, deals and packages available to you this February 14th.

Theme: You Have My Heart

Colors: Deep Velvet Red and Black

heart wedding valentines day

Top Row: Heart tags by Crafty Pagan; Placecards by Happy Hound; Bridesmaid dress by Dessy

Second Row: Hand stitched pillow by Cozy Blue; Red Velvet cake from Williams Sonoma

Third Row: Heart garland by Paper Polaroid; Favor boxes from Beau Coup; Plaque by Sid Dickens

Bottom Row: Journals by Amber Black Designs; Heart centerpiece via Martha Stewart Weddings; Invitation by Dean Penn and Paper

Get Inspired: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Remember as a child it was so hard to fall asleep on the night before Christmas because you were so excited for the festivites of the next day? Who are we kidding, we are still that way. But, that same eager anticipation also happens on the night before your wedding day. Sure, instead of visions of sugarplums you may be having visions of wedding cake, but you get the idea. We think a Christmas themed wedding is such a lovely idea. After all, decorations are easy to find, and who doesn't love the twinkling lights, captivating aromas and cheerful sounds of the season?

Theme: Christmas Time Is Here

Colors: Rosy Red, Evergreen and Snow White

christmas wedding

Top Row: Christmas Poem box by Light Reading; Stockings from Mackenzie Childs; Winter bride image by Photos by Jennifer

Second Row: Winter house via Bridal Party Tees; Winter tablescape via Brides; Winter house via Martha Stewart

Third Row: Reindeer at the LA Zoo via Pet Lover; Winter wedding couple via Brides; Packaged sprinkles via Pioneer Woman

Bottom Row: Sugarplum chapstick; Winter wreaths via Martha Stewart; Santa card via Hello Julia Made

Get Inspired: Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Wedding

Ole! It's time to head to your favorite Mexican restaurant, order a margarita and join in the fiesta of Cinco de Mayo. Today's inspiration board celebrates the flair and fun of a Mexican fiesta to help inspire you to plan your wedding with the same spirit and liveliness. Whether planning a Cinco de Mayo wedding, engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party, these simple ideas can make any event ooze with fun. 

Theme: Cinco De Mayo
Colors: The Brighter the Better


Top Row: Swinging hammocks from Anthropologie; Kabuki string lights from Cost Plus World Market; Mexican garland from Plum Party


Second Row: Margaritas from Williams-Sonoma; Mexican lime tree from Sur La Table; Fiesta invitation by Hicks Paper Goods


Third Row: Bright yellow vases from Crate & Barrel; Blue window star from Harvest Moon


Bottom Row: Empanadas from Martha Stewart; Homemade guacamole from Brides; Bright bouquet featured at Brides by Lindsay Undseth

Bridal New Year's Resolutions

You've made it to a new year in one piece, even after planning the most significant event of your life. Stressed? Yes. Tired? Absolutely. In need of a little R&R? You betcha! But with all that is left to do to plan your upcoming nuptials, who has time to relax?

Everyone realizes this is a very stressful time for you, but a new year also brings new possibilities and a chance to "start fresh". So that is exactly what we are suggesting. Here are a few "New Year's Resolutions" for the bride to be that will help you seize the moment and start the year off on the right foot. List courtesy of Wedding Planning Suite 101.

1. Don't be a Bridezilla. It's easy to get caught up in all the planning and the fantasy of an ideal wedding, and sometimes a bride can forget for a second that she's not a princess. Be kind to everyone who helps you with your wedding and try not to lose your temper if things go wrong.. This relates to the second resolution on this list, which is:
2. Accept that everything won't be perfect. Perfection is impossible, as something always goes wrong when you're planning a big event like this. The image in the magazines of a bride's flawless wedding day is a myth. Accept this, and you'll feel much less stressed and enjoy your wonderful, although not perfect, wedding. This goes for your body image too! If you're heavier than you want to be or your skin is blotchy, so what?
3. Resolve not to do all the wedding planning. Brides seem to get stuck with all the phone calls and trips to the flower shop and all of those other tasks. You don't have time for that, girl! Make sure your fiance understands that this is both of your responsibility. And don't' be afraid to delegate. Asking your friends and family to help you with tasks isn't being a Bridezilla-- it's smart planning (as long as you ask nicely, of course).
4. Stick to a reasonable budget. The bridal industry is a money pit, and you're going to be dealing with an awful lot of people who want to sucker you into buying stuff you really don't need. Resolve to think twice about added expenses.
5. Create a wedding planning schedule (if schedules don't make you crazy). If you're the kind of person who works better with detailed to-do lists, then make yourself one, complete with deadlines, and resolve to stick to your schedule. However, if to-do lists make your feel more stressed out instead of less, this might not be the best strategy.
6. Resolve to send your thank-you notes in a timely manner. Wedding etiquette isn't nearly as strict as it used to be, but this is one rule you have to follow or you'll have hurt feelings. Simplify this process with a system. As you start to receive gifts, make a master list of who sent what. You can also create a stack of pre-addressed and stamped envelopes before the wedding.
7. Be nice to your partner. It's almost inevitable that you two are going to bicker a little bit about all this stressful planning, but resolve to keep this to a minimum. Spend as much time as you can together doing something other than wedding planning.
8. Be patient with your family, including your new in-laws. Your mother might be a little obsessive compulsive about the seating chart, and your sister might be uncooperative because she's jealous. Let them be. As for your in-laws, recognize that this is probably the first major events where you'll be relating to them as family, so you may discover some of their more annoying traits. Forgive them. Understand that wedding planning can be stressful for everyone.
9. Resolve to concentrate on your new marriage, not just on the wedding. This commitment you're making is much more serious than your choice of party favors. Spend some quality time talking to your fiance about your relationship and about this big change you're about to experience together.
10. Remember to enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Don't forget that!

Get Inspired!: Red, White & Something Blue

Awww the summer. Is there anything better than a warm summer night? We don't think there is. So in honor of the magic of summer and the upcoming 4th of July weekend, we've designed an inspiration board that can't help but make you smile. If you are planning a summer wedding for next year or happen to live in a place that feels like summer all year round, this patriotic-inspired board should trigger ideas for your Red, White & Something Blue wedding.

Theme: 4th of July Wedding
Colors: Red, White and Blue, of course

4th of july wedding
Top Row: Image via Nibs Blog; Strawberry Shortcake from Southern Living; Bicycle image via Life Love Lipstick
Second Row: Image via Life, Love Lipstick
Third Row: Cake by Whipped Bake Shop; Bride and Groom image via Nibs Blog
Fourth Row: Fourth of July Reception available on Flickr