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September Flowers

September brings cooler days and brilliant Fall colors. We love seeing the introduction of gold, dark red, burgundy, brown, purple, and deep blue into in-season floral choices.  Although the fragrant flowers are waning, the colors available are exceptional. We hope you enjoy our favorite September wedding flowers the orchid, hydrangea, aster, agapanthus, sunflowers and amaranthus.

September Flowers

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1. Orchid - Orchids are know for their exotic sculptural shape, fragrance and vast color choices.  There are two ways in which the flowers grow from orchids long green stems: single flower along one side of the stem and those that feature blooms around the entire stem. Available in every color of the rainbow, except for blue, each color carries it's own meaning. The most common wedding colors include white, which signifies elegance and beauty, pink, which signifies femininity, grace, joy and happiness (and also happens to be the flower for your 14th and 28th wedding anniversary), and green, as it signifies good fortune and happy blessings.

 2. Hydrangea - Hydrangeas bloom in huge bouquets of clustered flowers atop a single green or black woody stem.  These brilliant flowers come in green, yellow, pink, blue, purple, white. The hydrangea is know to symbolize gratefulness and heartfelt feelings. 

3. Aster - Aster's are the September birth flower are known to symbolize patience and love. Their daisy-like flowers feature starry-shaped flowers and yellow centers. They come in white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue. 

4. Agapanthus - Apart of the lily family, Agapanthus features globes of blue or white trumpet-shape flowers. The name of this flower is derived from the Greek word Agape which means love and athhos, which is Greek for flower. So this flower is literally the "flower of love".

5. Sunflower - The perfect summer into fall flower, these daisy-like flowers feature bristly leaves and brown centers. Primarily known for their bright yellow petals, these flowers also come in red, orange, dark brown, purple, bronze, and even white.  Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity.

6. Amaranthus - A showstopper in any bouquet, these tiny petalless flowers bloom in narrow, drooping, tassel-like branches. Accompanied by chartreuse to golden foliage, these flowers come in GreenOrange, and Red. These plants are also widely known by the name "Love Lies Bleeding" and carry the talisman of love never fades. 

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