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October Flowers

Hauntingly beautiful Fall bouquet flower options are at their peak during the month of October  We love love love the Chrysanthemum and the Chinese Lantern bouquet!


October Flowers

Images: 1. Cyclamen via Martha Stewart Weddings; 2. Chrysanthemum via Mod Wedding; 3. Nerine via Red Floral UK; 4. Japanese Anemone via The Monkey Flower Group; 5. Chinese Lantern via Wedding Colors; 6. Monkshood via Stork Road Farm


  1. Cyclamen: The Cyclamen plant is apart of the primrose family and features five petals that are heart-shaped in pink, red, white, red and lavender and feature green leaves.  A cyclamen expresses sincere feelings and is often associated with love spells. 
  2. Chrysanthemum: Ranging in size from a nickel to over 3 inches, these blooms vary greatly in shape, size and color. The largest blossoms feature long curved tendrils whereas the smallest button mums are more ball-shaped with their overlapping petals that create a dome shape.  Chrysanthemum's come in green, red, orange, yellow, white, purple, and pink and symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.
  3. Nerine: Nerines are dainty and elegant lily-like flowers that feature slender curled petals, that resemble curled gift ribbon. Each stem holds 5 to 12 flowers ranging from one 1" to 2" each, at the top of each stem. These flowers are found commonly found in the pink color but also come in red, orange, white, and ivories. Nerine is named after the mythological sea-nymph and therefore denotes a meaning of strong women and a love of water.
  4. Japanese Anemone: Japanese Anemone are Falls answer to the want for pink, rose or white colors in an autumn bouquet or garden.  These flowers bear large, satiny, single or double, cup-shaped blossoms with a yellow center button. Anemones represent luck and protection against evil. 
  5. Chinese Lantern: Chinese lantern plants feature 2" wide, bright orange, heart shaped, papery pods on wooden stems - reminiscent of traditional lit Chinese lanterns. They symbolize protection, warmth, a passion for life, amiability, endurance and vitality. 
  6. Monkshood: This herbaceous wildflower resembles summertime's delphinium with its tall spikes of hooded purple, blue, white, yellow, pink or bicolor blooms. The plant gets its name from the shape of the outer petals, which resemble monk hoods. Monkshood symbolizes chivalry.


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