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Military Wedding Inspiration and Traditions

In honor of this Veteran's Day, we are sharing with you military wedding inspiration and US Military wedding traditions. We also would like to pause and say Happy Veteran's Day to all who are currently serving, and those who have served in the past. We truly appreciate all the dedicated men and women who serve our country and today, and everyday, we honor your sacrifice, bravery and patriotism.


Military Wedding Traditions

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Military Dress
Depending on the style, season, and time of day the wedding is being held, officers and enlisted personal may wear their government-issued uniform. For reference, officers evening dress uniform equals civilian white tie dress and mess dress uniforms corrilate to black tie. In the case of non-commissioned officers, dress blues or Army green uniforms may be worn at formal or informal weddings. A boutonniere is never to be worn with uniform. It is optional for female offers to be married in uniform, traditional wedding gowns are widely-accepted and even encouraged, as is also the choice of military guests whether to attend in uniform or not.

Saber/Sword Arch 
One of the most popular, and visually stunning, military wedding traditions is the arch of swords/sabers. This arch traditionally takes place outside as the couple is existing their ceremony venue and features six or eight service members lined up in pairs, draw swords or sabers (depending on the branch of service - Army and Air Force members carry sabers while Navy and Marine Corps members carry swords), the steel is raised with the right hand, with the cutting edges facing up. The couple enters the arch, kiss, and then passes through, signifying the couple's safe transition into their new life together. 

Military Reception Seating
Traditionally, military guests are seated by rank. 

Cutting of the Cake
Another highlight of a military reception is the cutting of cake with the groom's sword or saber. This is also another opportunity for the couple to pass beneath an arch as the saber bearers line up in front of the wedding cake. The groom then hands his bride his unsheathed saber, and with his hands over hers, together they cut the wedding cake.