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May Cocktails

This month our May Cocktails explore the sweet and sour side of signature cocktails. Plus they all feature an orange-hue, from pale to predominate, perfect for that signature cocktail to serve at your wedding or bridal shower that will compliment your Spring apricot, cantaloupe, coral, tangerine, peach echo, cadmium orange, or salmon wedding color palette.



Orange Cocktails

{Image Sources: 1. Grapefruit Sage Mimosa via Shannon Kristen; 2. Shut Your Piehole via One Sweet Mess; 3. Honey Paloma via The Little Epicurean; 4. Sidecar Citrus via ehow}

  1. Grapefruit Sage Mimosa via Shannon Kristen: Elevate your mimosa mornings! This grapefruit sage mimosa substitutes grapefruit juice for the traditional orange juice and receives a garnish of fresh sage to kick up the pretty factor.
  2. Shut Your Piehole via One Sweet Mess: Why eat pie when you can drink one instead?! The Shut Your Piehole, aka the Cherry Pie Cocktail, is one boozy drink that tastes just like grandma's cherry pie - if grandma's pie were made out of cherry-infused whiskey, amaretto, bourbon, pineapple juice, grenadine and club soda that is!  
  3. Honey Paloma via The Little Epicurean: The Honey Paloma is like a margarita but sweeter... and tarter, with the use of fresh grapefruit juice and honey, along with the other traditional margarita flavors of lime juice and tequila.  We especially love the use of grapefruit infused salt as we're defiantly a salt on the rim type of tequila drinkers!
  4. Sidecar Citrus via ehow: Brandy, Patron, orange and lemon juice mix together not only to make the most lovely pale orange color, but also is the perfect pairing of liquors and citrus on the tongue pallet too.