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Hollywood Schoolhouse Intergalactic Planetary Wedding Inspiration | Lucky in Love Blog

Intergalactic Planetary Wedding Inspo

The talents of wedding planner, Lauren Royster of Flying Anchor Event & Design, took us out of this world with her design at Hollywood Schoolhouse for Weddings In Woodinville 2018! Here is a bit of her inspo blurb:

"Step into another dimension, where Hollywood Schoolhouse meets #intergalacticplanetary. As the ultimate destination wedding, our cosmic aesthetic transports you into another universe perfect for bonding your souls together. Deep galaxy blues and purples swirl around you with hints of fire likened to super novas. Your love was intricately conspired by forces in the universe, so you deserve a party that reverberates an energy so bright that it shines for millions of lightyears."

To see more photos and the list of vendors click HERE!

{All photos by  Julia Kinnunen Photography }