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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Cake

 wedding cakesImage via Boston Magazine

The wedding cake: You'll find many flavors and styles of cakes from which to choose. Visit several shops and compare quality, style, and prices. Also, sample different flavors of cakes to help in selecting the flavor you want. The baker is a specialist, so ask for advice and recommendations. Remember, each tier can be a different flavor.

Make sure the portfolio you view shows work created by the current baker on staff.

Order your wedding cake early: Busy wedding months are June through September, and December; you will need to order your cake four to five months in advance if you're getting married during peak seasons. At ordering time you need only an approximate number of guests. Confirm the number two to three weeks before your wedding.

Figuring the amount: The baker will be helpful in advising you on the amount you will need based on the number of guests. The price is usually based on a per-slice amount. Be sure to ask about tier sizes and serving portions-are they pieces or slivers of cake?

Cake knife and server: Don't forget to bring a knife and server to cut the wedding cake, or have the caterer supply them.

Cutting instructions: Due to their size and elegance, wedding cakes can be tricky to serve. Make sure your baker provides you with instructions for cutting and serving your wedding cake. Appoint someone to be in charge of cutting and serving; give that person the instructions, or ask your caterer if their servers can be available for this task.

Fountain cakes: If you choose a fountain cake, an 18-inch bottom is required, so you may have to buy a larger cake than you need just to hold up the fountain. Keep in mind that a fountain cake must be close to a wall outlet.

Wedding cake tops and decorations: Most bakeries and bridal accessory stores have a large selection of cake tops: hand-blown glass, figurines, or ornaments that are permanent keepsakes. Fresh-flower arrangements are very popular and can be coordinated by your baker and florist. If you have chosen colored decorations, bring some color swatches or samples when ordering.

Personalized mints in your color theme are available for your wedding. Consider this special touch for your cake table.

Edible place cards: Place cards made from the finest chocolates or cookies add a delicious and personal touch to a formal wedding dinner.

Serve the wedding cake: If you have servers at your event, consider serving the cake to each guest rather than simply placing cake on a table for guests to take. This way, guests won't take an extra piece or expect seconds.

A smaller wedding cake: To save money, you can order a smaller wedding cake and decorate it with beautiful fresh flowers, ribbons or sugared fruits. Cut separate sheet cakes for guests. The wedding cake can stay intact until all the sheet cakes are gone.

Chocolate Fountains: A great way to impress your guests and get them to mingle is to host a chocolate fountain bar. Choose from different flavors of flowing chocolate and have your guests dip strawberries, marshmallows, graham crackers, pound cake and more into this delectable dessert. When hiring service provider, always check references and make sure you are working with a licensed professional.

10 Questions to ask your baker:

  1. How many wedding cakes have you created?
  2. Could I see photos of your work?
  3. If I want to use fresh flowers, will you work with my florist?
  4. Can I taste samples?
  5. What is the cost per serving?
  6. Are you a licensed by the state health department?
  7. Can you accommodate certain dietary restrictions?
  8. How do you handle cake delivery? Is there a charge?
  9. What are your cancellation/ refund policies?
  10. Do you guarantee your work?