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December Flowers

December blooms offer the obvious, and beautiful, pallets of winter green and Rudolph red with it's abundance of evergreen boughs and red holly berries. Winter wedding flowers offer a uniqueness to your ceremony floral decor, bridal bouquets and boutonniere's as they feature high contract colors and are abundant during this season. 


December flowers 

Images: 1. Cyclamen via Gardening Know How; 2. Evergreen bough bouquet via Wed Luxe; 3. Holly Berry via Etsy; 4. Poinsettia via Intimate Weddings

  1. Cyclamen: The Cyclamen plant is apart of the primrose family and features five petals that are heart-shaped in pink, red, white, red and lavender and feature green leaves.  A cyclamen expresses sincere feelings and is often associated with love spells. 
  2. Evergreen boughs: Evergreen boughs are the perfect accompaniment for your winter bouquet as they offer 4 key elements to the creation of a stunning bouquet: rich green hues, varied textures, hardiness, and lovely fragrances. Evergreens are made up from shrubs and trees that retain their green foliage year-round. Their "leaves" are needle-like and carry a strong, woodsy, piney scent. Noble Fir, White Pine, Incense Cedar and Juniper are some of our favorite. Our favorite symbolic meaning of evergreen bough's is how they represent our capacity to love even in the coldest of times.
  3. Holly Berry: The holly berry is a iconic floral when thinking about December and Wintertime weddings. Holly comes from evergreen shrubs and feature glossy green, prickly leaves that can feature red, black or white berries. Common types include Inkberry, Winterberry, and Yaupon. The flowers are known to be associated with good fortune and protection.
  4. Poinsettia: Poinsettias are another iconic Christmastime flower. Today there are over 100 varieties of poinsettias available that feature colors including traditional red shades, white shades, pastel yellow, pink shades, burgundy, bi-colors, marbled, and speckled varieties. The December birth flower symbolizes success, good cheer, and wishes of mirth.

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