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6 Types of Wedding Printing for your Invitations to Menus

When it comes to printed materials for your wedding, the requisite goes far beyond the invitation. There's menus, favor tags, signature cocktail drink signs, and the program, just to name a few.

The options for what type of printing styles available are also numerous. So we've collected 6 of the top trending wedding printing styles to help you understand and determine which style you like the best. Things to keep in mind when choosing which printing style works best for you is budget, turn around time, what style conveys the formalness of your wedding and what expresses your personalities as a couple. 




  1. Embossing - is the processes of creating raised and recessed images and designs in paper. You often see embossing as floral or geographic prints on paper, not necessarily as the writing itself.  
  2. Digital - Digitally printed invitations are printed using a file on a computer and produce a flat image. Digital printing is the least expensive and has the quickest turnaround time.  These are a great option of the DIY bride who has access to a home computer.
  3. Engraving - Engraved invites are very traditional, have a very distinct look and date back to the 1700's. Engraving is the practice of cutting a design into the paper.  There are two styles of engraving: one is where the printers creates a metal plate with the text of your wedding invitation and then paper is pressed on the plate, and hand-engraving. Hand being the most expensive in this already pricey method.
  4. Letterpress - Letterpress printing uses a technique of relief printing where text and images are sharply impressed into paper rather than raised. This type is definitely trending in 2015 and creates a tactile design.   Letterpress does not touch the surface of the paper leading it to soft, embossed or highly-textured papers. Letterpress designs are simple, clean and lend themselves to a modern formality.
  5. Foil Stamping - Foil stamping is similar to engraving and letterpress in that a slightly raised impression on the paper is created giving you texture.  Foil stamping applies a thin layer of reflective metal film on paper creating an elegant, luxurious and eye-catching result. This style of printing carries one of the longer turnaround times and holds the title as the most expensive form of printing. 
  6. Thermography - Thermography similar to engraving, but more cost efficient, combines heat and resin to create a shiny three-dimensional effect. The uneven quality of the text is a result of the process and easily differentiates thermographic printing from engraving. 

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