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6 Reasons to have a Photo Booth at your Wedding

Stand-alone booths, green-screen back dropped booths or a custom created area, photo booths are a wedding trend we hope never goes away.  Here are 6 reasons why a photo booth at your wedding reception is a good idea:

1.  Photo booths are great entertainment. Remember how fun it was to see how many friends you could pile into a classic photo booth? Some things never change!

2. They make great wedding favors.  Gone are the days of the Jordan almonds in boxes; take your photo-favor to the next level and offer key rings for guests to put their photos into or bookmark sleeves.

3.  Snap & sign! Photo booths are the modern guest book.  Guests can sign words of advice or congratulations next to their photos.

4.  There is no age limit.  Even your youngest guest will be able to get in on the action.  And who wouldn’t want to capture Great Grandpa and Grandma in a quick kiss?!

5.  They are good time fillers.  Photo booths give your guests something to occupy their time while your finishing up photos or need a break from getting down on the dance floor. 

6. They can be another décor element of your wedding theme.  Having a vintage circus inspired wedding? Be sure to offer red clown noses and tiny umbrellas.  1920’s inspired wedding? Create a vignette with vintage furniture that looks like it’s straight out of The Great Gatsby. 

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