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5 Types of Wedding Tents

Love it or hate it, this summer has been all over the weather gauge.  Within a matter of less than 24 hours we've gone from heat advisory to chilly sprinkles.  That brings our focus on how to make sure your outdoor wedding is fully prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.  Whether you're looking to cast a shady reprieve from the suns blaring rays or keep the raindrops from drowning your day, wedding tenting is a sure way to cover all your bases.

Last week, we gave you "4 fantastic tips for your tented wedding", today we're continuing our focus on wedding tent rentals with what types of tent rentals there are.  Today the options are vast and offer much more than just protection for you and your guests, they are elegant and whimsical, major focal decor elements that help further set the mood of your special day.


clear tent
frame tent

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  1. Pole Tent
    Pole tents offer traditional, dramatic, and sculptured tenting elements. Their peaked tops are a lovely accent to your grassy venue as these tents are secured and supported by driving stakes into the (soft) ground.  These tents have at least 1 center pole for support which makes for wonderful decorating opportunities.  
  2. Clear Tent
    Clear tents are made up from metal bases covered with clear vinyl in order to give you all the protection that comes from a tent with minimal visual obstructions.  Perfect for late in the day or evening weddings, these tents allow for all the splendor of the painted sunset sky to decorate your ceremony and lets your guests dance by the light of the stars.
  3. Frame Tent
    Frame tents offer the most amount of space to utilize under the big top.  These free-standing, metal frame supported tents can be set up on any surface, do not have any interior poles and offer the most in terms of decor draping (ceiling and wall tent lining) accessibility. These tents also work best for creating "theme" rooms within your wedding reception, as many different sizes can be placed together to create a large overall space.
  4. Sailcloth Tent
    Sailcloth tents feature the same graceful curved lines and lofty ceilings that Pole tents do but instead of vinyl coverings, features sailcloth (yes, the same fabric you see off Alki on the sailboats that float by) and wooden poles. The translucency of the fabric makes the most of using natural daytime light and simply glows in the evening when lit with candles and chandeliers.  
  5. Canopy Tent
    Festival tents are light weight,pole-style tents.  These tents are known for their stripped and rainbow color choices.


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