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Finding the Perfect Wedding Favor!


via Enchanted Prints

Your mother and grandmothers will remember a time when wedding favors were always Jordan almonds or groom's cake tied up in a little white box, and rice was thrown as the bride and groom left the church or reception. Today, the variety of wedding favors and mementos seems almost limitless, and rose petals are often thrown instead of rice.

Favors are ideal for all the events surrounding your wedding: bridesmaids' teas, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, receptions. Many occasions surrounding your wedding provide an opportunity to present a variety of favors that show how much you appreciate your friends and family.

Incorporate favors as part of your decorations: Sprinkle personalized chocolate coins in gold foil across table tops, or serve in them in bowls. Place wedding day messages inside fortune cookies. You have an opportunity to express your creative flair while delivering a message that will share your joy with your guests.

Seasonal wedding favors can create memories for years to come. Personalized packets of seeds or flower bulbs are a perfect complement to garden weddings. Planning a wedding around the holidays? A Christmas ornament for each guest will remind them annually of your special day.

Savory sweets: Miniature cakes or decadent truffles individually boxed, monogrammed chocolates, or sugar candies packaged in beautiful satin bags or tulle - all make sweet treats that will be savored after your event is over.

The packaging is half the fun: From festive miniature shopping bags to beautifully hand-painted boxes set at each place, creative packaging will elicit admiration at your bridesmaids' tea or at a bridal shower. The bags can be filled with fragrant potpourri or satin sachets, and the miniature boxes can hold everything from soaps to candies. You'll find specialty stores or businesses throughout the Puget Sound area that feature a variety of imaginative packaging.

Mementos: After the wedding is over, you'll want something to remember this very special time. What could be more romantic than a recorded interview of your thoughts and feelings for each other...your first date, your dreams for the future, your own personal love story recorded on CD.

Gifts and mementos for special family members and friends in the wedding party: Choose a theme like silver pieces, watches, books, or sporting equipment. Each of these themes offers you the option of individualizing the gift for each bridesmaid or groomsman.