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Get Inspired...Novelty Hill • Januik Winery!

2014 THEME – Fresh

Taylor’d Events by Jennifer is the wedding planner at Novelty Hill-Januik Winery and is one of the founding board members of Weddings in Woodinville.  Novelty Hill-Januik Winery is such a great venue to work with due to the fact that the clean slate of the concrete is a great back drop to any color and theme.  The theme this year for Novelty Hill-Januik Winery is “Fresh”  with the doldrums of winter in place it is a time to start dreaming about warmer weather and the  tropical colors, the palette is a range of aquas and limes with pops of coral. You won’t see any sea theme ideas, but it is a great way to warm up on this chilly winter day.

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Photos by Amelia Soper Photography