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6 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day


1. Eat right and get enough sleep: It gets very hectic prior to the wedding with all the planning and parties. Be sure to take care of yourself! Eat right and get enough sleep. You'll need every ounce of energy. And, of course, you want to look your very best on this special day.

2. Pamper yourself: A couple of weeks before the wedding, take time to pamper yourself. Schedule a massage to relieve tension and stress. A facial is wonderful for your skin, but be sure to allow some time for your face to benefit from it. Avoid using unfamiliar products too close to the wedding, in case your skin has an allergic reaction to them. Prepare your hands and nails with a manicure. A pedicure will do wonders for your feet and toes for the honeymoon.

3. Hair consultation: When you have selected your headpiece, make an appointment for a consultation with your hairdresser. This allows time to experiment with different hairstyles that complement your face and work well with the headpiece. This way there are no "surprise" hairstyles the morning of your wedding. You and your hairdresser should agree on the style and look you want well in advance. Also make sure your hairstyle will look as beautiful without the headpiece.

4. Makeup consultation: A makeup consultation can help you apply makeup in a natural and flattering way that will highlight your best features. The photographer may ask for a heavier application for the photos. Ask the consultant how the best look can be obtained without overdoing it.

5. Bridesmaid lunch and manicure: A fun idea is to take your bridesmaids to lunch and then treat them to a manicure. This usually takes place a day or two before the wedding, or sometimes is scheduled the morning of the wedding. For parties of three or more, it is best to schedule an appointment at least three months in advance.

6. On-site beauty service: Many salons and beauty consultants offer hairstyling and makeup for you and your bridesmaids at the ceremony site for a fee according to services, number of people, and travel time.

Bring extra nylons or pantyhose for your bridesmaids as well as yourself on the big day, especially if you have a special color.