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Real Men Go To Spas!

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It’s the 21st century, so shouldn't men have the same opportunities as women to look and feel glamorous? Fashion and beauty is on the rise in all realms of society, so look out women, men may start taking your reservations at the salon or spa near you! Believe it or not, in a recent study found online, 29% of spa customers are now men. Double standards are being thrown out the window, and men should not have to feel judged if they want their bodies well groomed.

Corporate men are starting to realize that appearance and first impressions are key in the business world. Instead of taking prospective clients out to lunch to talk business, spas for men are ideal because they offer the perfect amount of hospitality and uniqueness. Why not get the best of both worlds- that fancy steak meal and a massage and relaxing day to boot! Many spas offer specialty catering menus and food options to go along with their services.

Spas for men belong to a relatively new market because of the freshness of masculinity in the beauty industry. We are most certain that many men might feel apprehensive about the whole pampering activity thing. We get it. Being massaged by another man may not sound totally appealing to them. However, what makes these new age spas wonderful is that almost all offer such amenities as both male and female masseuses. The rooms at high-end spas are not decorated in girly pinks or flowers. On the contrary, many are adorned with nice serene colors, and are sleekly designed for male and female clientele. Think leather La-Z-Boy’s and flat screen TV’s. What’s more is that numerous spas around the pacific northwest offer specials or promotions on golf/tennis packages to go along with their services. Running out of gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend? Why not give them a gift certificate to your favorite spa so they will not only look better, but also will be in better mood when they get home.

Still have your reservations about the ease of convincing your guy to join a world filled with the utmost relaxation and beauty? Why not tell him more about the services that can be found designed especially for the guys? We promise he will be hooked like you and will continue to go back for those stress relieving hot stone massages that will cure his backaches from sitting in the office all week. Or how about a sports massage geared for fitness regimens along with a gentleman’s facial or manicure/pedicure? Think about it, the very first thing a person does when meeting with a business client is shake their hand. Well-groomed hands and facials designed to relieve shaving irritation can be just the thing to help make the first impression excellent. Remember, manicured hands do not necessarily imply soft and perfectly polished nails, but clean and cut nails do make a huge difference on a person. Many of us know that the men we know are not always keen or even especially great at being perfectly clean like us. Additionally, massages can be found that are specially geared to treat post-golf games or tired muscles after that lunchtime basketball break. We know half the battle of all of this is just getting men through the spa doors, but if you let them know about all the new male services out there, we are sure they will be happy to oblige. You have heard time and time again that first impressions are key in the corporate world, so let men know that getting a little pampered might be just the thing to keep them one step ahead. There is a reason why us girls pay good money to look and feel wonderful, why not let our men in on a few of our secrets!

We know that men believe there are a million reasons why spas are not for “true” men, but if you tell them that spas can simply be part of their exercise regimen and overall health, then maybe they might just give it a try. You name it, spas now have very many of the same services for men as they do for women. Also, if there is one last worry you want to clear up make sure to tell your guy that male amenities at spas almost always deem masculine names or connotations, so they don’t have to worry about letting go of their sense of manliness!?