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A Guide To Planning a Destination Wedding

There is a definite rise in the destination weddings, where a couple invites, say, 20 of their nearest and dearest on a mini-vacation. The ceremony itself, the reception, and the honeymoon all occur over a long weekend, along with other destination wedding activities designed to bring the revelers together.

The etiquette of a destination wedding generally calls for invited guests to pay their own airfare. The bride and groom pick up the tab for the lodging, food, and beverages at a destination wedding.

It's smart for a couple planning a destination wedding to negotiate a discounted rate for booking multiple rooms and also check with airlines to determine if group airfare rates are available.

For one destination wedding, the couple can send invitees a questionnaire beforehand to determine each guest's special interests in order to construct an itinerary. Another great enticement in choosing a destination resort for your wedding are all of the opportunities you and your guests will have to snorkel, SCUBA dive, play tennis, lay in the sun, surf, play beach volleyball, or horseback ride.

Couples planning a destination wedding without the help of a consultant can work with a hotel's concierge, wedding planner, or banquet planner. Do call an area's Tourist Office to learn the legal requirements for marrying in the destination. Make sure you check the residency requirements as in the case of the carribean a three-day residency prior to the ceremony, plus proof of citizenship, and completing several other documents are required, as well as a nominal fee.

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