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Helpful Hints on Registering For Gifts!

Why you should register: By registering, you let your family and friends know the gifts you would most like to receive, and will ensure that what you get suits both your tastes and styles. Even if you and your fiance can't imagine using fine china, stemware, and flatware in the near future, someday you will wish you had registered for them. It is very expensive to go out and invest in formal china down the road. Family and guests enjoy giving nice gifts that they know will be treasured and eventually passed on to future generations. By registering, it also makes it easier for you, after the wedding, in case you have items to return.

Unique shops for registry: There are many wonderful stores where you can register. The china, glassware, flatware, and special accessories you select will be with you the rest of your lives. Look at different registry stores, and remember you can and should register at more than one.

Mixing and matching: Many shops allow you to mix and match your patterns to design your own dishware theme. Ask about ideas they may have. Most important, have fun selecting items that you and your fiance will enjoy using.

When to register: Soon after you become engaged is the best time to register. If your friends want to send engagement gifts, you can tell them where you are registered. Or for showers, your guests can select from a variety of items that you have on your "wish list."

Make sure the items you register for cover the range of affordable to expensive so your family and friends can select something you want in a price range they can afford.

Check with your registry: It is a good idea to check your registry list periodically and keep it up to date with items you have received. Some gift givers will be making purchases in your behalf from other stores or will forget to let the store you are registered at know whom they are buying the gift for. It's nice for your guests to know what items you have or haven't received so they may plan their purchases accordingly.

Thank-you notes: It is important and proper etiquette to send thank-you notes immediately after receiving a gift. This way you let the gift giver know that the gift was received. And you can keep up with the many thank-you notes you will need to write rather than waiting until after the honeymoon.