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To DIY or Not...It's not as easy as it looks- Florals

At B&E, we like to follow our client's blogs to see what's going on, what's new and what's informative. We thought that the following blog by Jaimie Cordero, owner of Art Of Floral, was particularly good, so with her blessing are running it as it originally appeared. Thanks Jaimie, great job! (By the way, Jaimie just got married last year so she's totally tuned into what's going on now!)

Now, before the DIY community hunts me down with pitchforks and torches; let me say that I am writing this blog as much from a professional perspective as I am from an “OH MY GOD WHY DID I TRY TO DO THIS MYSELF!?!” outlook. I too have planned my wedding thinking I could handle far more that I was capable of. The only difference between me and you is that I work in the wedding industry as a high-end floral designer so I should have known better. I see girls attempt DIY weddings constantly, some turn out good, but many leave a very tired, upset, and frustrated bride and bridal party.

If you choose to take a DIY approach, I EMPLORE you to reconsider. I understand that you are trying to stay on a budget. I understand that you think things are lower cost if you do it yourself.I understand you think you have what it takes, but seriously...

Do you want to appear gorgeous and put together walking down the aisle or more like:

Let me address a few issues with a DIY wedding. For the sake of space (as well as boring you to death), I am simply going to focus on floral. Maybe one day I can expand upon other vendors you will need and WHY you need a professional to do it

Before and After!
- The mark of someone good at their job is that they make it look easy. So, when you see huge arrangements with masses of hydrangea looking crisp and vibrant you are looking at the work of someone that is EXCEPTIONAL at their job. So exceptional that you would never know hydrangea is a painful gamble a majority of the time.  Just minutes out of water and it goes from gorgeous to ghastly:

- I am not denying your creative talents, but I am questioning if you have the time, cooler, patience, supplies, experience, and plan B in case something goes awry. When you hire a professional florist to take care of your wedding day floral you are not paying them to simply buy/pick/find/supply some roses. You are paying for THEIR time, cooler, patience, supplies, experience, and plan B that is always in place. 

- Your loved one may offer to take care of it, but it rarely if ever turns out well, and it is never for lack of care and effort. A professional florist KNOWS that their reputation and future bookings ride on if your flowers show up flawless, look like what you envisioned, and stay alive during the celebration.  Aside from that, your family, and yourself pulling an all-nighter cursing the particulars of floral design isn’t the best way to rest up for your nuptials. Spend that time toasting with your nearest and dearest, reminiscing about life up until this point, getting a few more hours of beauty sleep in. ANYTHING is going to be better than pulling thorns off of roses and baby sitting cut flowers not to die in the humidity. Unfortunately no matter the intent of a loved one you will still have the photos to tell the tale later.

- When you browse wedding websites or open a magazine stare at fabulous spreads like these

it is SUPPOSED to look beautiful, natural, and easy (remember what we said about professionals). Basically the more refined version of someone picking flowers from a meadow and tying them together. Of course this is assuming the field you are gallivanting through has Vanda Orchids, Calla Lillies, Freesia, Ranaunculus, and Anemone; and in this same field of happiness and interesting floral choices you also have an elf that expertly wraps the stems in satin ribbon, embellishes them with pearls and crystal, and then properly hydrates all bouquets both with vases and preservative. However, again, it isn't that easy.

- You may save a few dollars, MAY being the operative word. Because you will have to purchase supplies you likely don’t have and likely won’t use again. Floral wire, floral tape, clippers, floral knives, putty, buckets, preservative – it’s just the beginning.  Then what about storing the flowers to keep them fresh? Yes, you COULD rearrange your fridge for optimal storage, but leave anything slightly lemon-y or tomato-y in there and your flowers brown and die. It’s just a small bit of information you don’t know because this isn’t what you do for a living.

On a sweeter note I need you to keep in mind that this day was intended to make the bride feel special! Your wedding is not supposed to drive you slowly into madness. The details are supposed to draw your guests into a romantic celebration. I sympathize with the idea of making the most of your budget, however there are very few times when you can allow yourself to be pampered and in charge. Give over to your inner royalty and use the creative talents of the pros to usher in one of life’s most important days.  

These are all simple things; a small number in a list of 1000’s of simple items that you won’t and aren’t expected to know about floral design. Make your life easy, make your wedding beautiful. Enjoy your family and your fantastic flowers- Spring for the professional florist.


Photo Credits from top to bottom: Visual Photo; Flower Picture Gallery; LaForge Photography; Flora Fields; Streamside Photography; Cory Paris; Streamside Photography;