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Get Inspired: Blueberry Blush

It's blueberry season and this delicious little fruit has inspired a beautiful board for today! Today's color pallette is the strong color of blue paired with a soft pink blush. This color combo is rich, but also offers a sweetness. Look how cute those blueberry cupcakes are! Be a bold bride and find a shade of blue for your end of summer wedding dress! 

Theme: Bluberry Sweetheart
Colors: Blueberry and Blush

Top Row: Elie Saab gown via Style; Blush heels via bhldn; Blueberry cupcakes via semisweetie
Middle Row: Veil via Myrakim; Blueberry dessert via my baking addiction; Photo by Elizabeth Messina
Bottom Row: Hydrangea via vintagerosegarden; Blush hair flower via Myrakim; Blush dress via Everything Fabulous