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Get Inspired: Shades of Jades

As we finish March with our last green board, we decided to choose a softer choice...Jade. The color green can do so many different things and in this case, it has the power of complete calmness. What more would you want than to surround yourself with a color that would collect and soothe you on such an important and emotion filled day? We think these shades of Jades, mints, and sage are a perfect choice for your spring/summer wedding!

Theme: Calm and Collected

Colors: Shades of Jades

Top Row: Smokey quartz and chrysoprase earrings via Etsy; Bridesmaids via Martha Stewart Weddings; Minty green dress via Etsy

Second Row: Bride via OneLovePhoto; Smokey quartz via Etsy

Bottom Row: Succulent image via Etsy; Groom and Groomsmen image via OneLovePhoto