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Get Inspired: Strawberry Fields Forever

One of the best parts about summer are the sweet, fresh and abundant supply of berries. Since we live in the Northwest, we have the opportunity to go berry picking all summer long, often times in our own backyards. From blueberries to blackberries to raspberries and strawberries, we have our pick (literally) of the tastiest fruits in the world. Today's board celebrates this "berry" special time of year, with a special focus on strawberries. 

Theme: Berry Sweet
Colors: Red and Sage 

strawberry themed wedding


Top Row: Strawberry adorned wedding cake via Bridal Soup; Chocolate dipped strawberries from Wedding Bells; Floral centerpiece from Totally JenEric


Second Row: Strawberry spinach salad from Tasty Kitchen; Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA; Strawberry Popsicle from Martha Stewart


Third Row: Bridesmaid dress by Mori Lee; Strawberry centerpiece from Fruits to Remember; Strawberry vintage wedding invitation from San Skripts


Bottom Row: Candlelit stairs by Aria Style; Red lanterns from Brides; Strawberry jam favors via Intimate Weddings