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Get Inspired: Total Eclipse of the Heart

It's obvious that our society is a little "Vampire obsessed" these days. The latest Twilight film, Eclipse, is scoring at the box office. True Blood fans are squealing at the watercooler, not to mention the various chatter caused by other vampire themed shows like Vampire Diaries and The Gates. Since life often imitates art, it is no wonder that the fashion world has adopted some of the vampire motifs in the upcoming Fall fashion lines. Just pick up a recent Nordstrom catalog and you'll find various moody styles making their way to the forefront of the fashion world. Often, we see the same trends hitting the wedding world as well, however, in more subtle ways. Today's inspiration board takes its cue from the vampire underworld, and yet, manages to present itself in a uniquely elegant manner. Take a bite out of it and see if you like it?

Theme: Vampy
Colors: Woodsy Green, Red and Black 


Top Row: Landscape of Forks, WA: Radical red bouquet from Brides; Frames from Hostess with the Mostest

Second Row: Driftwood candles from Inspire Wire; Blood cupcakes from Hostess with the Mostest

Third Row: Bloody Mary from Channel 4; Tablescape from Wedding Chicks; Branch tablescape from Twin Lens

Bottom Row: Gown by Stephanie Allin; Candleabra from Decorating Studio; Tablescape by Opulent Couturier