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Get Inspired: With A Wink and a Smile

There are certain color palettes that automatically put us in a good mood. They are soothing, sweet and evoke overall good spirits. That's exactly how we feel about today's color inspiration board, featuring Periwinkle as the main attraction. It's a common known fact that blue is a sure fire winner for your wedding palette, but there is something extra special about periwinkle. It's soft and romantic, light and airy, and above all one of the most timeless color choices you could possibly select. Hope you enjoy!

Theme: With a WINK and a SMILE

Color: Periwinkle blue and white



Top Row: Gardenia centerpiece featured at Brides; Silk handerchief from Artful Beginnings; Rosette by You Are My Sunshine


Second Row: Fabric wedding cake featured at Martha Stewart; Joanna August bridesmaid dress; Glitter crown from Studio Sharp; Paper Sketch vases from Anthropologie


Third Row: Bouquet featured at Martha Stewart Weddings; Letterpress invitations from Bella Figura; Fabric by Amy Butler


Bottom Row: Tablescape featured at Brides; Bra and panty from Victoria's Secret; Hair pins by Mystery and Manners