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Get Inspired: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Remember as a child it was so hard to fall asleep on the night before Christmas because you were so excited for the festivites of the next day? Who are we kidding, we are still that way. But, that same eager anticipation also happens on the night before your wedding day. Sure, instead of visions of sugarplums you may be having visions of wedding cake, but you get the idea. We think a Christmas themed wedding is such a lovely idea. After all, decorations are easy to find, and who doesn't love the twinkling lights, captivating aromas and cheerful sounds of the season?

Theme: Christmas Time Is Here

Colors: Rosy Red, Evergreen and Snow White

christmas wedding

Top Row: Christmas Poem box by Light Reading; Stockings from Mackenzie Childs; Winter bride image by Photos by Jennifer

Second Row: Winter house via Bridal Party Tees; Winter tablescape via Brides; Winter house via Martha Stewart

Third Row: Reindeer at the LA Zoo via Pet Lover; Winter wedding couple via Brides; Packaged sprinkles via Pioneer Woman

Bottom Row: Sugarplum chapstick; Winter wreaths via Martha Stewart; Santa card via Hello Julia Made