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Get Inspired: Dove & Twig

Whether you are ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner. With all its enchantment and wonder, Christmastime is an excellent choice for your wedding date. Not only are beautiful decorations available in plenty, but the natural romance of the season surrounds us everywhere. Today's winter inspired wedding theme brings together the elements of doves and twigs, two complimentary motifs. The white dove symbolizes a promise, and we can't think of a better reminder of what a marriage means than that.

Theme: Dove and Twig

Colors: Gold, White and Brown

dove and twig wedding theme

Top Row: White dove cake topper from Martha Stewart Weddings; White feather headpiece from Icing 101; Favor boxes from Marley and Lockyer

Second Row: Dove sign from Victorian Station; Dove clip from Pottery Barn

Third Row: Twig table decor from Martha Stewart Weddings; Bird on a wire plate from Anthropologie; Alice Sheehan twig decor

Bottom Row: Groom and Bride signs from Old New Again; Twig centerpiece via Mint Julep; Wedding gown by Karen Hendrix Couture; Bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine