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Yes - It's an incredible Color That Loves Us!

Here is the one color universally flattering to both men and women - so why wouldn't this be the perfet wedding color? It would! We have brought you color boards with hues of this color before, and they are consistently responded to with a great deal of positive feedback. One of the secrets of Turquoise is it has the uniqueness of holding both warm and cool hues. It is one of those colors that looks sensational with brown, yellow, red, orange, well the list just goes on and on. If you haven't given it a thought - this might just be the right time to think about where it could or would work for you. A quick recognition of some of the elements above starting top left to bottom right: Topperswithglitz.com, Teal shoe by Bruno Fisoni, murano aqua crystal lamp by Viaggio, mermaid gown by Elfi - Belle DuJour, Teal linens: Linens By Alice, Aqua Diamond ring by Cartier, dining table room decor by Louis J Solomon, teal a-symetrical floor length gown by Elie Saab, Bottom left patterned floor length gown modeled by Lily Cole, Tiffany style wedding cake design, mosaic tie - Boston Volcano, origami, ombre' gown by John Galliano.