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Top Fonts For Wedding Invitations

First impressions always matter, and when your wedding invitation arrives in the mailbox of your wedding guest, you want to "wow" them from the start. Wedding invitations are incredibly important in sending a message to your guests about what type of wedding yours will be. The more formal the script the more likely your guests will understand how to prepare for your event, and will select formal attire to wear to your wedding. If you choose a more fun style font for your invitation, your guests will get the message that your event is a carefree party and may dress more casually.

Whatever your theme or style, work with your invitation designer or manufacturer to select a font that fits your theme. Here are some of our most recent favorites. These are all available at Veer.com.

1. Feel Script :: $99

feel script

2. Compendium :: $99

script font3. Montague Script :: $59
montague script
4. Adios :: $99
adios wedding font5. Burgues Script :: $99

burgess script font