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Get Inspired!: Citrus

Spring is here and we are loving it! We've had all the snow, rain, and gray clouds a person can take. We are hungry for some fresh Spring colors and we know you are too! To inspire you we hope this kick starts your first gear towards thoughts of Spring & Summer. Rich in the colors of limes and mandarins and lemons, what could be more inviting than colors that actually hold the sunshine? Breathe in and enjoy.... close your eyes and picture your special day as delightful and enchanting as the season's approach.

Theme: Sunshine Citrus
Colors: Lemon, Lime & Mandarin

yellow orange green wedding
citrus wedding
We would LOVE to have you send us your pictures of Spring. What makes you think of Spring. We will be creating an inspiration board from our readers - so we'll wait for you to send them in.