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Get Inspired!: Sea Of Deep Red Something

We all know certain colors pair well with each other. Typically a bold shade is paired with a lighter counterpart. But in our opinion, the best colors are those you might actually think would clash. Sure, if you are looking in your closet in the morning you would never grab a teal cardigan to go over your red blouse. Or would you? The mismatch or match-made-in-heaven, depending on how you look at it, may very well be the key to your own wedding color inspiration. We say break the rules and start creating your own. Here is an inspiration board to get you thinking...

Theme: Sea Of Deep Red Something
Colors: Deep velvet red and rich teal

red and teal wedding
Top Row: Eco friendly gift tags from Renee Anne; Image by f7 Photography; Book cake via Kelly Oshiro Events; Image by Mel Barlow Photography
Second Row: Image by f7 Photography; Floral arrangement by Ravenna Bloom; Blushing Bloom necklace from Cool Beauty
Third Row: Gown by Paloma Blanca available at Princess Bride Couture Bridal Salon; Diamond Flourish invitation from Convier Designs; Magnolia painting from Z Gallerie
Bottom Row: Lyn Ashworth gown; Informal Wedding Invitations in deep teal; Solid red ties from Me and Metilda