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Get Inspired!: Think Pink

Now this is how to "Think Pink" for your wedding! With so many beautifully pink bridal elements to choose from, why not go all the way and make everything pink! We felt the delicate inspiration of French couture works best with a "Think Pink" wedding, so here are a few choices to help you tap the spirit.

Theme: Think Pink!
Colors: Pink, Pink and more Pink!

Top Left Row: Inspired by a black crystal chandelier and draped walls - French inspired reception setting

Top Row Middle: Soft French inspired shoe by Andy Maloles and next to them with a back bow to create the mood, pink satin by Badgley Mischka.

Top Right: Peonies and more peonies in white and shades of pink. This is the flower of choice for the hottest floral trend in weddings for 2009.

Center: The cake is a confectionery wonder inspired again by the French macaroons and traditional board squaring.

Third Row Left: A pink toile gown fits the theme perfectly because its soft and delicate. This dress is lavish in it's simplicity.

Third Row Center: Another "natural" idea are centerpieces with the soft natural feel from branches. The wonderful thing about these is you can pick that special something that fits your personality to hang from the branches. And while you are considering the soft flow of ribbons, take a look at this fireplace literally enchanted by soft satin ribbons with butterflies and candles.

The dress in the bottom center placement is by Ines DiSanto. Soft wrapped bodice with a full princess skirt off of a dropped waist stands alone - and note the plumage throughout the entire skirt itself.

And last but certainly not least, consider your own pink signature drink, the cosmopolitan. Thanks to the ladies of a little show you may have heard of, Sex In The City, this drink is the final touch to a fabulous pink paradise.