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Help! Jolene and Vinh Are Planning Their Wedding & Need Your Help

We are so very excited to introduce you to a local (Seattle) couple planning a wedding for this spring, Jolene and Vinh. Jolene is your typical, everyday Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, balloon-twisting, swing dancing, karaoke singing, Fun Specialist. She produces interactive meetings where employees get involved and motivated to do their work. At his core, Vinh is an efficiency finder and problem solver and is from a family of all engineers with multiple advanced degrees. His mind thinks of ways to improve processes, devise solutions, or extract value from things overlooked.

So the question is, how does an engineer meet and fall in love with a fun specialist?

For starters, they both share the love for learning and have a tenacious appetite for new experiences. They share a passion for travel, anthropology and community service and we're pretty much sure that makes them one of the coolest couples around.

So now, here they are, ready to plan their wedding, or weddings we should say, since Jolene and Vinh are planning on traditional Vietnamese wedding, one destination wedding and one at-home, full-out American wedding reception bash...

And this is where you come in. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jolene and Vinh will be guest blogging, right here at Lucky In Love. They will be offering both the female and male perspectives of planning a wedding and they will share with you some of the ins and outs of planning their three events and in turn will rely on you for your advice and expertise. After all, it is February and they are planning on a spring 2009 wedding, so all the help and advice they can get from you will make this whole process so much easier.

Check back later today for their first post and be sure to follow along and Jolene and Vinh plan the wedding of their dreams!