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Golden Glow of Autumn

The golden glow of autumn can conjure up beautiful memories of family and friends, so why not a wedding? In today's environment of keeping costs in check, while assuring you do not compromise the essential elements of your dream day, this time of year covers all the necessities, cost savings, green elements (nature's leaf decor), warmth and treasured touches. Fall colors look good on everyone and around everything, from the napkin rings on your table settings to the elegance or simplicity of your invitations. Consider putting a beautiful leaf on each seating assignment, with the guest name in golden ink. A simple khaki or beige/taupe dress only requires a beautiful chocolate sash and it is transformed into something very special. A simple box with an amber bow and a beautifully scented candle inside is a perfect symbol of the season of your wedding day as a thank you to your attendants. Fabulous cocktail rings are fun additions to the attendants wear, and some fun comfort shoes for you - keep you in step with the weather and your gown safe. You can show them off after the "I Do's" Start with a walk in the park - it will show you some fabulous color options to start your inspiration.