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Get Inspired! Lucky Bamboo

At Lucky in Love we are all about good fortune. And during a time like a wedding, who isn't? So when it comes to choosing a wedding theme that is as lovely as it is lucky, we think this lucky bamboo theme takes the cake.

Did you know that the number of stalks on a bamboo plant signifies different forms of luck? The Chinese recognize that...

  • 3 stalks are given for Happiness
  • 5 stalks are given for Health
  • 6 stalks are given for Harmony
  • 8, 18, 28, or 38 stalks are given for Prosperity

So if you are like most brides and grooms and happiness, health, harmony and prosperity sound like just a few things you would like in your life, then perhaps a little extra luck on your wedding day couldn't hurt.

Theme: Lucky In Love
Colors: Light and Dark Shades of Green

lucky bamboo wedding theme
Top Row: Lucky Bamboo wedding invitation from Design Sensations; Cake via Hacienda Siesta Alegre; Lucky Bamboo wedding favors by A Ming Rose Florist
Second Row: Dessy Bridesmaid Dress Style 2752BL; Bouquet by Canadian Florist; Oscar de la Renta Bubble wedding gown featured on Bridal Wave TV; Bamboo trees featured at Wedding Rings
Third Row: Green orchid bamboo corsage by Stellas Jewelry; Bamboo candles from Aromatic Candles; Bamboo wedding band by Zoe and Doyle
Bottom Row: Wedding alter by Designs by Hemingway; Green pumps featured on The Knot; Green champagne featured on Obama Foodorama