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Moving Through The Decades: Celebrate the 1930's

What we saw in the 1930's: Crepe backed silk charmuese was favored for its luxurious drape, feel and sultriness. Crepe fabric was also extremely popular for the bias cut, with versions of cloky crepe, rough crepe, crinkled crepe, metal crepe and Romaine crepe as options. Silk tulle was used for veiling, as it hung limp and straight and matched the sleekness of the gown perfectly.

European designers, such as Maggy Rouff, Edward Molyneux and Lucien Lelong were famous for the understated slim look that was quickly copied by American pattern makers. Lelong was a second generation couturier, and was particularly adept at silk. In 1934, he introduced a line of ready to wear bias cut silk satin wedding gowns of classical elegance. Their debut coincided with Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration in the United States. (Source)

1930's Inspired Wedding Fashion: Natalia Misslin is one of the rare true fashion designers; she doesn’t rely on one technique or one idea year after year, nor does she sticks to copying other designer dresses. Twice a year, Natalia is taking on the challenge of producing two collections to add to her existing range. These strict exercises enable Natalia Misslin to push forward new ideas and techniques which are filtering into her range of Bridal-evening wear.