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Inpired by Yesteryear

The funny thing about trends, is that if you take a look back in history, you are almost sure to find similar styles that women wore decades ago. Each trend repeats itself, while each generation adds its own personal touches and additions to make the style even better than it was before. In our next series of blogs, we'd like to show you how bridal styles have evolved into what they are today, beginning with the 1920's.

1920's Bridal Style: Cap Veils were in high demand in the twenties, fitting over the forehead and then falling gracefully at the back. Often made from silk tulle, starched and pleated, they became more and more elaborate, some using the finest Lyon and Brussels lace. These were decorated with embroidery floss, satin ribbon or metallic gimp. (Photo source)

Today's Interpretation of the 1920's: Claire Pettibone, a bridal designer from Los Angeles, creates silhouettes inspired by fashions from Paris in the 1920's. Her gowns are often formed from Victorian laces, and the idealized icon of feminine style from the era. Claire Pettibone also creates a stunning 1920's inspired lingerie line, as seen on the bottom right.