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Something Precious

Not all brides choose to wear a diamond in their engagement ring. These days, other precious stones are finding their way into engagement ring settings. Find out what your gem of choice says about you...

Amethyst: According to the Bible, this stone means perfection. Roman women believed the amethyst was a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity and would guarantee their husbands' love.

Aquamarine: The aquamarine brings intelligence and courage to the wearer. It is said that the person who wears this stone can read others' minds.

Diamond: Matrimonial happiness will be yours with this popular wedding stone. It is also said to be a symbol of innocence. The bride who wears a diamond will have the courage needed to protect herself from evil spirits. According to ancient folklore, a husband would hold a diamond over his bride's head. If she were a faithful wife, she would turn towards him. If she turned away, it proved her guilty of infidelity. If she passed the test, she kept the prize of the diamond.

Emerald: The emerald promises a happy home and a successful relationship. During the rise of the Roman Empire, Cleopatra was known for wearing brilliant emeralds from her own mine.

Garnet: A large garnet was said to have provided light for Noah's Ark, according to ancient Rabbinic writings. The wearer of this stone is loyal, stable, and is a true friend. "Love will come with giving a garnet."

Ruby: The ruby is the sign of love. Legend says that if the ruby in a ring grows a lighter shade of red, then true love exists. But beware of a ruby that grows darker with age. It means the course of love is not running smoothly. The ruby is said to hold a warm flame and is considered "the sun's own gem."

Sapphire: The sapphire stands for truth and faithfulness. It is said to bring good health and fortune. Ancient Persians believed that the sky's blue color reflected a sapphire supporting the earth.

Above photo from International Jewelers