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Prepare For Your Sizzling Hot Honeymoon

The hot summer sun isn't the only thing that will be sizzling this year. You are getting married and that means your honeymoon is just around the corner. During this spring, its pretty hard to concentrate on anything else but your romantic honeymoon following all the upcoming festivities. So what if your wedding isn't until August! Start planning for your getaway now!

We've collected some of the hottest honeymoon items for your trip. If you are like most Northwest brides and grooms, and opting to honeymoon in a sunny climate, we've got just the items you need to cool down from the summer heat.

Most people love to read a good book while sitting poolside or lounging on the beach. But, how often have you left your book sitting on your towel while you take a dip in the water only to return to find your book has been drenched by a nearby cannonballing kid? We found a great solution! Check out the waterproof easy reads from Durabooks (below). These books are a collection of short stories, perfect for honeymoons since you'll be easily distracted by your new hubby. And the best part is, these books are completely waterproof from start to finish. So now when you take a dip in the pool, take your book with you. Available at Amazon.com.

Cool down with homemade ice-kabobs. With this nifty ice-cube tray all you have to do is add water or your favorite flavored juice and, voila, you'll have homemade Popsicles to keep you cool and refreshed all summer long. Available at Patina Stores.

Beach toys are certainly not just for kids. Grab these fabulous beach balls and swim tubes and head to the beach in style (below). Find these ultra stylish beach accessories at Design Room.

For those snorkeling trips or boat rides, what do you do with your cell phone and wallet? Check out the Waterproof Store for great water-friendly packs to keep your valuables dry. What's great about these items is that they allow you to use your electronics without even removing them from their protective cases. Check out our picks below including waterproof wallet cases and waterproof cases for your MP3, cell phones, cameras, and pdas.