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The Modern Woman's Wedding Survival Kit: Day One

Banquetevent.com's wedding day survival kit has been assisting panicky brides prepare for their big day by packing a helpful kit of just-in-case-I-need-them-tools. Now comes our modern woman's survival kit for the weeks leading up to the wedding for all those potential pesky mishaps.

Check back the rest of this week for more survival guides....

Mishap #1: You wake up one week before the wedding with a not-so-small blemish on your face. Whatever you do, do not perform surgery on your face trying to force it to go away. It will only get larger and less manageable. In the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the groom woke up with a zit on the day of his wedding and put a little Windex glass cleaner on it and it cleared right up. Remember, that was just a movie. You need a real solution and you need it fast.
What to use: Use a product with sulfur in it. Yes, we know this doesn't sound like a good idea, but sulfur is surprisingly really good for your complexion.
Products to try: Try Acne Spot Treatment gel from Murad. This product retails for $17.95 and is available online or at your local Bath & Body Works. Also, perform a masque treatment with Joey New York Pure Pore Masque. Joey's masque is a light formula that sooths your skin and brings back that natural bridal glow. The product also contains a small amount of sulfur you can expect it to help with pesky skin blemishes too. Retails for $28.

Mishap #2: Everyone and their mother has been throwing you a bridal shower and that means cake and calories. You've gained a couple extra unwanted pounds and now your wedding dress, that you've already gotten altered, is a tad bit snug. Who needs to breathe anyhow, right? WRONG! Being healthy is extremely important leading up to the weeks before your wedding, which means eating right and working out must be a priority. A healthy bride means a happy bride.
What to do: Work with a trainer. Sometimes just joining a gym isn't enough motivation to actually GO to the gym. So if you hire a trainer, who is usually available through your gym at no extra charge, you'll have someone to keep you accountable. Plus you can get their advice on nutrition and stress reducing tips to keep your body and your mind feeling strong. And here is a trick. The fastest way to lose weight is actually not through cardio (although very important for your heart health). Pure science shows the best way to lose unwanted pounds is to lift weights. But, there is a catch. You must always lift your maximum ability, meaning no longer can you lift low weight at high repetition. By lifting your maximum weight you are constantly gaining muscle. And unlike the calories you burn during a cardio workout that only actually burn calories during your exercise, muscles eat calories all day long. Even when you sleep! This is great news for anyone wanting to lose weight and still feed a healthy appetite. And don't worry about starting to look like a body builder. That's a complete myth. It's virtually impossible for a woman's body to develop that way without body enhancing drugs. So, throw that excuse out the window!
What we suggest: The Healthy Bride from founder Christi Masi is a fitness program designed just for brides so they know what kind of stress you are under and what your needs are. Talk to one of their trainers and start making a difference in your health today, not tomorrow.

Mishap #3: You've found the perfect shoes for your wedding day and have been walking around the house wearing them with extra thick socks hoping they will break-in. But, to no avail, the shoes that came straight from heaven are making your feet feel like he...., well you get the point. Do you suffer in the name of fashion, or give up your beautiful shoes for something more practical?
What to use: There's finally help for your aching feet. Try high heel inserts made by Insolia. Insolia products fundamentally change the inside of high heel shoes, shifting weight off the ball of the foot back to the heel. And get this, Insolia inserts were designed by a rocket scientist. Finally, someone who gets it!
Where to get them: You can pick up these foot savers at Walgreens, Fred Meyer or Target and they are only $9.99.