Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Let Them Eat Cake....

Choosing the perfect wedding cake is one of the tastiest and most creative elements in planning a wedding. The cake table has blossomed into not only including traditional wedding cakes, but desserts of all types. Today pies, cupcakes, donuts, and macaroons, also decorate the cake table.  Cakes and desserts are also reflecting the wedding theme and couples personalities more and more.

Book your cake or dessert caterer around 6 months prior to the big day.  This should be after such big decisions as what venue, season and décor theme you want. You want to make sure your cake will compliment the rest of the day. Keep in mind the busiest wedding months are June through September, and December. At ordering time you need only an approximate number of guests.  Confirm the number two to three weeks before your wedding. 

Serving sizes:
Your baker will be the most helpful in advising you on the amount you will need based on the number of guests and style of cake or dessert you’re serving. Keep in mind that wedding cake slices are traditionally smaller than other party cake slices and guests usually only partake in one slice.  Whereas if you’re featuring a s’mores bar, the count could very well be more than one per person.  On average, an 8” round cake will serve around 20 guests, a 14” round cake 40 guests, an 16” round cake around 50 guests when sliced in a square pattern, not pie-shaped, and are around 2”x2” slices.  Square cakes serve more people.   Prices are usually based on a per-slice amount. Due to their size and elegance, wedding cakes can be tricky to serve. Make sure your baker provides you with instructions for cutting and serving your wedding cake. Appoint someone to be in charge of cutting and serving; give that person the instructions, or ask your caterer if their servers can be available for this task.

10 questions to ask your baker:

  1. Could we see photos of your work?
  2. What flavors do you offer?
  3. Can we taste samples?
  4. Do we have to choose from set designs or can you create a custom piece?
  5. If we want to use fresh flowers, will you work with our florist?
  6. How are your cakes/desserts priced out?
  7. Are you a licensed by the state health department and insured?
  8. Can you accommodate certain dietary restrictions?
  9. What is your delivery process?
  10. Do you provide/rent cake stands and serving utensils?

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