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Holodeck 3D Studios


92 Kirkland Ave

Kirkland, WA 98033

Dawn Morse



The Only 3D Photo Booth in Washington

We’re not two dimensional, so how do we show you our 3-Dimensional World?

By showing you real people as 3D Prints


• Our system takes 178 photos in one second, and emails the 3D Photo to your guests.

• Supports 4 guests within each photo, and a throughput of 60-70 3D photos per hour.

• Treat your wedding guests to a fun and unique experience with our mobile 3D photo booth at your reception.  We will email each guest their 3D digital photo to post and share with the wedding couples name and date in the background.

• Put your own creative spin on your wedding cake topper.  Whether it’s a crazy pose or crazy clothes, jerseys, rehearsal wear or formal attire. Do and be whatever represents you best!   

See our website for more information and examples of 3D photos: